Central Region Advisory Panel Assessment Reports

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Castle Pines (2012):  In early 2012 DCI sent a team of consultants to Castle Pines.  Incorporated in 2008, Castle Pines needed a direction and vision for the new city. The purpose of the visit was to assist in developing a plan for enhancing and redeveloping commercial areas in Castle Pines.  DCI’s team helped the town develop a collective vision and gave them concrete steps they could take to achieve it.  

Elizabeth (2009): DCI went to the Town of Elizabeth in 2009 to conduct a Main Street Assessment of the town. DCI’s team of consultants observed that Elizabeth lacked amenities and events to create a strong Main Street. DCI helped Elizabeth gain access to resources and provided recommendations for revitalizing the town. 

Golden (2007): In 2007 DCI went to Golden to help the town revitalize their downtown area through partnerships with the local university, URA and the Economic Development Commission. The town wanted to implement infill development while retaining it's character. DCI made a list of recommendations which included diversifying development types and recruiting desirable business types downtown.  

Manitou Springs (2005): In 2005, DCI was invited to Manitou Springs to help them develop a program to recruit restaurants and retail to their downtown.  DCI helped Manitou Springs figure out what was of value to them as a community, and helped develop a plan to cultivate and sell their community for businesses. 

Monument (2005): In mid-2005 DCI visited the Town of Monument. The goal for Monument was to focus on physical cohesiveness to preserve downtown Monument. DCI made recommendations with regards to wayfinding, signage, streetscape, parking, landscaping, and market information.

Old Colorado City Assesment (2018): The Old Colorado City SIMD, officially the Old Colorado City Security and Maintenance District, was formed as an alternative to blight removal through urban renewal in 1979. DCI conducted a corridor assessment to focus on the three block area of SIMD, and how community stakeholders would like to see improvements roll out throughout OCC’s three mile corridor. 

Old Colorado City Partnership Strategic Planning Retreat (2020): The Old Colorado City Partnership (OCCP) Board met to assess progress and establish buy in for the next steps in implementing the district strategy and action plan. The discussion considered the past accomplishments, input from stakeholders, current projects and events lists, and for 2020 projects, events, and priorities. The abbreviated process intended to take stock of where the Board sees the effort moving next and identifying some strategic goals to direct the future action. 

Sheridan (2017): In 2017, the City of Sheridan requested an Advisory Panel from DCI to visit as well as participating in a Challenge Studio at DCI's May 2017 IN THE GAME Event. This Advisory Panel was unique in addressing the needs of an industrial business park (South Santa Fe Business Park) rather than a traditional downtown district. DCI illustrated the benefits of infrastructure improvements to all stakeholders involved: the City and the business and property owners.

Parker (2013): In 2013 DCI was requested to do a downtown assessment for the Town of Parker.  The focus of the assessment was the central walking district downtown, and the “Parker Square” area.  DCI held a two-day assessment, and made several recommendations for the town to improve their economic vitality.

Wheat Ridge (2009): In 2009, Wheat Ridge request DCI services to conduct an assessment of the West 38th Avenue Commercial Corridor. The team evaluated land use and real estate market conditions, business development, corridor marketing and promotions, streetscape urban design and revitalization strategies.

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