North Central Region Advisory Panel Assessment Reports

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Arvada (2010):  DCI has worked with Historic Olde Town Arvada (HOTA) since 2005, to support efforts to revitalize the historic downtown areas. The forward thinking community had leveraged urban renewal to reinvest tax increment into updated street scaping, signage, and building a façade grants. In 2010, the historic Olde Town requested DCI's assistance to engage stakeholders to consider next steps for the district. DCI identified key issues in formalizing partnerships and funding. DCI helped to re-open the dialogue around organizational financing to further the initiative to form a business improvement district (BID). Additionally, DCI helped frame the benefits and challenges that the community would see with the light rail station. Through the ongoing partnership with the City of Arvada and the Olde Town Arvada group, in 2014 DCI created an events policy to provide guidance for event planners, partners, and specifically looked at ensuring event quality and regulating parking during events in the historic district.

Berthoud (2008):  In December, 2008 DCI visited the Town of Berthoud.  The purpose was to provide recommendations for the town’s Main Street program and downtown development efforts in general.  DCI’s team of consultants listened, and made a list of observations and recommendations including messaging, identity and organizational structuring for the town to efficiently use their resources.  

Eaton (2005): DCI visited Eaton in 2005 to look at different design suggestions for façade renovations. The goal was to create design guidelines and priorities to renovate their downtown area. The town had good sources of funding so DCI suggested good resources and tangible next steps. 

Erie (2005): In early 2005 DCI visited the Town of Erie. Erie was interested in doing revitalization projects with the new development they had on Briggs Street. DCI identified synergies between the business owners, Erie Community Development Group, and other stakeholders. They then held a design charrette to generate ideas that could then be implemented in the town's comprehensive plan and Unified Development C. 
Lafayette (2009): In December, 2009 the Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority asked DCI to provide tools, insights and direction to help Lafayette Urban Renewal Authority improves its Olde Town corridor. As Lafayette was dealing with the pressures of growth, DCI recommended that the town develop a vision of what they want Lafayette to be in the future including designating resources and people to increase pedestrian traffic and density. 

Lyons (2008): In the summer of 2008 DCI visited the Town of Lyons. The town was approaching "build-out" in which the town will cease to benefit from the fee revenues from the new construction. The town therefore needed to promote and enhanced business environment. The report gave the town guidance to implement their Downtown Improvement Plan with a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Grant they had received. 

Nederland (2015)In May 2015, DCI visited the Town of Nederland. DCI’s team of consultants was impressed with the successes of Nederland's innovative approach to engagement and planning. DCI made recommendations for the Downtown Development Authority to facilitate the downtown components of Ned's 2020 plan and work on building confidence in their implementation abilities. 

Windsor (2015): In 2015 DCI was asked by the Town of Windsor’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to help them work with the Clearview Library District’s plans to build a new library to serve Windsor and Severance. DCI helped the two summarize and understand their basic interests, identified next steps for planning the new library, and created an action matrix of recommendations for both parties. 
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