Northern Mountains Region Advisory Panel Assessment Reports

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Clear Creek County (2017): Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) facilitated a Housing Strategy Workshop in Clear Creek County on November 9th, 2017. The workshop brought together public and private sector stakeholders from the County and region, as well as experts and leaders from around the state. The focus was on affordable and workforce housing development and financing in a rural environment. 

Eagle (2019):  In the Spring of 2019, the Town of Eagle requested a community assessment from Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) in conjunction with DCI’s Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program. The Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program is a unique team building accelerator created in 2017 that focuses on establishing a plan of work and proposal to engage public, private, and non-profit partners to address a significant community challenge over the course of twelve months. The Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program works to transform the community’s challenge into an opportunity: to establish a proposal, financing approach, and team of community partners ready to implement. The program includes five phases of planning and development that helps our Colorado communities establish a plan for community-wide initiatives that foster sustainable community and economic development. The phases include: Community Selection, Team Building, Challenge Studio, Pitch Development, and Program Continuation.

Fraser (2010): In August, 2010 DCI visited the Town of Fraser to help them streamline the community planning process and enhance the physical appearance of the town.  DCI provided them a list of recommendations and next steps to accomplish these and other problems to enhance the downtown area.  

Grand Lake (2013): In March, 2013 DCI visited Grand Lake to develop strategies for existing businesses, and to attract new ones to their downtown area to increase their economic development.  DCI helped the town develop a vision and engage and mobilize stakeholders to implement projects like a streetscape and increase the towns revenue.  

Hayden (2009): In 2009 DCI went to Hayden to help provide guidance for the Town’s downtown development goals. The town is transient and sandwiched between a major retail location and a major resort town. DCI came up with recommendations to make Hayden's downtown more than just a pass-through by developing a plan for a consistent business district. 

Idaho Springs (2012-2018): In May, 2012 DCI to address many concerns of the town, including how to handle a growing population. CDOT maintenance and expansion work on I-70, increased pressure on Idaho Springs’ existing roads, and a plan for Miner Street.  DCI helped Idaho Springs navigate the legalities and options that are available for their projects and challenges. In 2016, DCI worked with Idaho Springs, Urban3, and Colorado Department of Local Affairs to conduct a county-wide land-use economic study of Clear Creek County. The study compared sales and property tax revenue by building type over the life of  the building to build an understanding of the long-term productivity of land use as the county transitions from a primarily energy-driven economy.

Idaho Springs Continued (2012-2018): The land use work was furthered in 2017 Clear Creek County Housing Stakeholder Strategy Workshop (see Clear Creek) with local stakeholders and state-wide resources.  In 2017-2018, DCI worked with Idaho Springs, Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Mountain Metro Association of Realtors (MMAR), Urban3, and Leggitt Studios to develop a team and project scope to provide a Happy Mapping Audit for the former Clear Creek School site in Idaho Springs. This work builds on the 2016 DCI and Urban3’s economic modeling analysis, intended to offer solutions to strengthen tax and job density in the county. Through thoughtful planning and development of priority sites identified in previous efforts, the municipality has a unique opportunity to nurture an even healthier, happier place, which is better equipped to handle the challenges of this century.   To further assist Idaho Springs in helping to bridge the gap between public needs and private sector feasibility, at the 2018 IN THE GAME event, DCI facilitated a challenge studio for Idaho Springs in partnership with the CU Denver School of Public Affairs. The Challenge Studio focused on the steps needed to form and activate an urban renewal authority and area.

Kremmling (2013)DCI visited the town of Kremmling in April, 2013 to help give the community tools and resources to accomplish their desired vision of downtown, making Kremmling more than a stopping point along the highway.  Kremmling wanted to explore creative district opportunities, new revenue streams, and ways to bolster outdoor recreation. DCI's recommendations included mobilizing the towns wealth of volunteers, accessing resources, and improving communications from word of mouth. 

Silverthorne (2011): Silverthorne asked DCI in March, 2011 to help them identify ways to develop a downtown core for the town itself.  DCI helped them understand legal and practical steps they could take to develop a downtown core along Highway 9 and the Blue River.  

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