How to Engage the Community During COVID-19

03/30/2020 2:01 PM | Morgan Pierce (Administrator)


DCI had our second webinar of our series covering various topics on the response to COVID-19 and how people can support each other while maintaining the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing. Thursday’s webinar included an educational presentation from DCI partner Michelle Kobayashi of National Research Center/Polco about effective engagement that allowed community representatives to share ideas and challenges. DCI’s calls also encourage sharing of experiences, struggles, and new ideas for addressing engagement with the community during the current social distancing. 

Michelle Kobayashi, NRC/POLCO is in the early stages of surveying impacts on businesses and communities from COVID-19.  Economic impact is at the top of people’s mind. During the crisis, people want to hear that something is being done, which coincides with the important engagement aspect and hearing what challenges communities are facing, including consideration of the economy. The webinar was facilitated by DCI board member, Terri Takata-Smith of Downtown Boulder and her colleague Julia Simpson. 


  1. Add your contact and links to your resources to our state-wide Covid Response Spreadsheet. COVID-19 Resource Spreadsheet -- add your contact information

  2. Business Survey: DCI and NRC/Polco are working with the State of Colorado on a Business Survey. When ready, you can create a community profile on Polco. The community is able to see and keep their own results once they have at least 10 respondents. 

  3. Business Support Survey: DCI and NRC/Polco are working to create a comprehensive list of the organizations supporting business throughout the state to collect information about what is being done and how we can support local efforts.



  • 2 way engagement: comments, feedback from businesses, residents, etc. to be used in decision making efforts

  • Speed: get info and feedback tools out to people

  • Inform Policy Decisions: hope that sharing of struggles will get to policymakers

  • Tap into Wisdom of Crowds: sharing of experiences, creative innovations, and new ways of running businesses

  • Empower Community Stakeholders: things they can do to have some power over the pandemic

Virtual: zoom, google hangouts

Slack. One sheet instructions for using Slack.

DCI COVID-19 Resource Webpage

Colorado Main Street Resources


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